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PIXELART 3D Technologies
Christ Knowledge City Campus
Airapuram P.O. ,Muvattupuzha
Ernakulam, Kerala
India - 683541

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Passion and experience

We at PIXELART 3D work greatly to reduce the effort needed to convey an idea by a company/manufacturer to its targeted customers/clients or vice versa in a scenario such as 3d architecture and other complex prototype product exhibits.
Unlike the current 3d suites we use the state of the art game engine along with realistic 3d visualization. Our virtual reality would enable a user to walk around , explore and get a look and feel of what the completed project or product will look like in real. Companies can showcase this virtual reality and convey their idea or concept to customers/clients and in turn, clients can point out any drawbacks or features they want to implement in the project.

Thus our interactive 3D Visualization greatly reduces the company-client interaction , re-planning ,meeting time and error delays as well as bringing out a strong visual concept of what the project will look like once it is completed.